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Fan Milk Academy

Vendor Profiles:  

Gyasi Williams

My Name is Gyasi Williams. I am 20 years old and I come from Ankaase in the Ashanti Region. I have been a Fan Milk Vendor for 5 months, and I sell at Tema Main Station.

After Junior High School I was a shoe shine boy for a while, and I was able to start a provision shop. I left the provision shop for my mum and went back to Senior High School. After Senior High School I called a friend in Accra about finding a job in Accra. He told me he was a Fan Milk Vendor in Tema, and he encouraged me to come to Accra. When I arrived he took me to his Agent, and I started selling Fan Milk products.

I have been able to save a lot of money since I started this job, and I intend to save enough money to start a provision shop and hopefully go to a Polytechnic or University. I was informed about Fan Milk Academy by my Agent, and she asked me to attend. I have really benefited from the training on Financial Management, and I intend to open a fixed deposit account in order to save money.

I really love the atmosphere here at the Academy. We are treated very well. I would like to say a big Thank You to the management of Fan Milk Limited, for organising this training to educate us.


Alex Adei

My name is Alex Adei. I am 35 years old and I come from Mamponteng. I have been selling Fan Milk products since March 2015. I am married with two children.

I came to Accra in 2005 to earn a living. I sold carpets for a while, and later sold sunglasses for 7 years, but I could not make ends meet. I met a friend who was a Fan Milk Vendor, and he encouraged me to start selling Fan Milk products since it is very lucrative. I was not very enthusiastic about it, because I felt it was not a job suitable for an adult. He encouraged me to try it.

I started selling Fan Milk Products about 5 months ago at Tema New Town and I must say it has been financially rewarding. I was very happy with the income I made in the first week, so I decided to continue selling. Through this business, I have been able to pay all my debts and save some money as well. I’m able to support my wife and children with the income I make from selling these products. I was able to pay medical bills for my wife and child - without borrowing - when they were admitted to hospital. I am also able to send money to my parents and siblings back in the village. I even lend money to my friends who discouraged me from entering this business.

I will encourage other vendors to desist from being lazy and to practice personal presentation and hygiene, as well as good customer care as instructed in the training at Fan Milk Academy. I am hoping to start a cocoa farm and build myself a four-bedroom house through the income I make from selling Fan Milk products.


Vendor Profile:  Peter Aboagye (a.k.a Lapel)

My name is Yaw Peter Aboagye. My agent is GOD DEY Enterprise. I have been selling Fan Milk Products for 26 years. I started vending using a head box, and then I progressed to using a bicycle. I mainly sell in schools.
Years ago, when I started selling on the compound of Mataheko Roman Catholic School, I had the word ‘Happy’ written on my bicycle, and my customers called me by that name. There were some French speaking persons in the school who called me ‘Lapel’ whenever they bought from me. So now all the teachers and schoolchildren know me as ‘Lapel’. 
A few years into becoming a Fan Milk vendor, I realised that this was a business I could make a fortune out of, so I decided to do it with all seriousness. I am proud to say that it has really paid off! As a vendor, I have been able to get married, and I have seven children, who are all in school. The oldest is in senior high school, and the others are in junior high school and primary schools, respectively. I am able to save my money at the bank, and I can also boast of having some farmlands in my hometown. I have been able to do all these things by selling Fan Milk products. 
A few weeks ago, I was part of a group of vendors who received training from Fan Milk Academy, and I must admit that this training has been of great help to me. I am now extra particular about my appearance; and I take care to wash my hands and my equipment. As a result, I now carry soap and water wherever I go. I have also improved the way I communicate with my customers, and the result is that I am making extra sales. Because of this, the schoolchildren do not want to buy products from vendors who sell other products.
I would be very happy if Fan Milk could periodically organise refresher training for those of us who have received initial training at the Academy. 
A little advice I have for the youth who are idle, is that they should look for any Fan Milk agent and become a vendor. With determination and diligence, they will never regret selling Fan Milk products. 



I used to be a trader in Kumasi, until my business went bust and I was forced to relocate to Accra. I then became a Fan Milk vendor, and I have been doing this job for a year now. 

Coming to Fan Milk Academy has helped me a great deal. I never used to make more than GHS 150 a day, but after attending Day 1 of the Academy, I went back and put what I had learned into practice, and I am happy to say that I have noticed a significant rise in my earnings: I am now able to make more that GHS 200 each day, and this makes me very happy.

The most important lesson I learnt at the academy was ‘Pride on the Job’. We were taught to cherish the work we do and to let our pride for our jobs show in our appearance. I took this advice and went back to my job with a different approach to work, and I believe this is the reason for the boost in my sales.

I am very grateful to Fan Milk Limited - Ghana for this Academy, because through it, we are all becoming more valuable and successful vendors.






Meet Divine Lartey, a proud Fan Milk Vendor, as he arrives at Fan Milk's Kasoa Regional Distribution Centre for his final day on the Fan Milk Vendor Training Programme. The Vendor Training Programme is a three-day programme which began in January 2014. It is targeted at Fan Milk's 12,000 vendors who retail the company's nutritious and refreshing products across the length and breadth of Ghana, using bicycles, pushcarts and head boxes as their main forms of equipment.

This unique training programme is made of thirteen training modules which are designed to equip vendors with the knowledge and ability to manage their products and their personal appearance; to manage their businesses; and to manage their lives as a whole.

Divine's appearance is inspired by the revelation that as businessmen and women, all Fan Milk Vendors ought to have pride on the job. Among other things, Divine and his fellow participants learnt that 'People will address you by how you dress'.

It is no wonder that Divine won the 'Best Participant' award in his group. Congratulations, Divine!



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