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Vendor Profiles

Gyasi Williams

My Name is Gyasi Williams. I am 20 years old and I come from Ankaase in the Ashanti Region. I have been a Fan Milk Vendor for 5 months, and I sell at Tema Main Station.

After Junior High School I was a shoe shine boy for a while, and I was able to start a provision shop. I left the provision shop for my mum and went back to Senior High School. After Senior High School I called a friend in Accra about finding a job in Accra. He told me he was a Fan Milk Vendor in Tema, and he encouraged me to come to Accra. When I arrived he took me to his Agent, and I started selling Fan Milk products.

I have been able to save a lot of money since I started this job, and I intend to save enough money to start a provision shop and hopefully go to a Polytechnic or University. I was informed about Fan Milk Academy by my Agent, and she asked me to attend. I have really benefited from the training on Financial Management, and I intend to open a fixed deposit account in order to save money.

I really love the atmosphere here at the Academy.  We are treated very well. I would like to say a big Thank You to the management of Fan Milk Limited, for organising this training to educate us.
Alex Adei

My name is Alex Adei. I am 35 years old and I come from Mamponteng. I have been selling Fan Milk products since March 2015. I am married with two children.

I came to Accra in 2005 to earn a living. I sold carpets for a while, and later sold sunglasses for 7 years, but I could not make ends meet. I met a friend who was a Fan Milk Vendor, and he encouraged me to start selling Fan Milk products since it is very lucrative. I was not very enthusiastic about it, because I felt it was not a job suitable for an adult. He encouraged me to try it.

I started selling Fan Milk Products about 5 months ago at Tema New Town and I must say it has been financially rewarding. I was very happy with the income I made in the first week, so I decided to continue selling. Through this business, I have been able to pay all my debts and save some money as well. I’m able to support my wife and children with the income I make from selling these products. I was able to pay medical bills for my wife and child - without borrowing - when they were admitted to  hospital. I am also able to send money to my parents and siblings back in the village. I even lend money to my friends who discouraged me from entering this business.

I will encourage other vendors to desist from being lazy and to practice personal presentation and hygiene, as well as good customer care as instructed in the training at Fan Milk Academy. I am hoping to start a cocoa farm and build myself a four-bedroom house through the income I make from selling Fan Milk products.
Adwoa Gyamfua

My name is Adwoa Gyamfua and I come from Asante Akyem Agogo in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. I have two children: a girl and a boy. My daughter is in the final year at Edinaman Senior High School at Elmina in the Central Region. My son schools at Rainbow International School in Accra, at McCarthy Hill.

After dropping out in Class One as a result of hardships at home, I did not continue my education. A lady who promised to help me to go back to school failed to honour her promise. I started my life as a meat pie vendor while my husband sold Fan Milk products. After a short while, my husband stopped being a Fan Milk vendor, complaining that the job was too tedious. I took over his bicycle and started work as a Fan Milk vendor when I gave birth to my second child. Initially, I used to push the bicycle to a popular spot, park it there, and sell till evening. When I realised that the returns were high, I decided to stop the meat pie business, and continue with the Fan Milk business.

I have been in this business for the past 14 years since my husband passed on. I started with an agent at Kaneshie in 2000. The Fan Milk business is good. All my children attended private schools, and to date I have been able to pay their school fees and also provide their school needs: all from the commission I receive for being a vendor. I have also built a home with two chamber-and-halls. We live in one, and I have given the other one out for rent. When my mother and two sisters came to stay with us in Accra I virtually provided everything they needed. All the money I used was from the proceeds from the Fan Milk business.

There are a few challenges about this job, including the facts that sales during the rainy season are not very good, and frequent power outages break the cold chain.

My boss has seven vendors and I am the only female. My advice to vendors is that they should save their money and start building projects at home. I encourage prospective vendors to join in, because it gives quick money. I will advise would-be vendors to join the fold to earn good money. Those in school can join sell products during their vacations, to save some money for their personal items, thus helping their parents.
In 2014, I attended Fan Milk Academy. We were taken through topics like personal hygiene, product management, customer service, attributes of Fan Milk products, and how to increase sales. I dress neatly and make sure that I wash my push cart every day.

I am not ashamed at all to be in the Fan Milk vendor business, because the products are of high quality. People from all walks of life purchase our products. 
If you are serious with this business, you can make it big in life. I have made up my mind to work hard and start my own agency by the close of the year.  I will not go for a loan from any bank.

I am able to pay my children’s school fees even before those in well-paid jobs pay theirs. I pay almost one thousand Ghana Cedis every term. Sometimes I even pay in advance!



Nana Kwaku

Eric Obiri Adofo (Nana Kwaku) is my name. I started schooling at Akyem Oda Presby Basic School, and continued at Anum Presby Senior High School. I studied visual arts at schooI. I have seven siblings, and I come from Anum in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
I started the Fan Milk Vendor business in the year 2000 at Oda, when I was in JHS 1. This was as a result of hardships at home. My father lost his job, so I had to find money to fend for myself and also take care of my siblings, and even my parents.

After JHS 3, I had moved to Adukrom to stay with my grandparents on the Akuapim Ridge for a year. I stopped schooling during this period. Later was admitted to Anum Presby Senior High School. My parents’ support was short lived, so after the first term I began the Fan Milk vendor business at Madina in Accra. I had to fend for myself to complete the rest of SHS 1.

When I came on third term vacation, it was the rainy season, and the Fan Milk business was not moving very fast.  I started selling second hand clothes, and I met a man who offered to take care of me throughout SHS. I stopped the Fan Milk business to concentrate on my books.

When I completed my final West African Certificate Examination paper, I had saved up to GHC 300.00.  I gave it to my mother to start a business so that we could eat from it, but the business collapsed. I left Kasoa to Adukrom to work as bus conductor for about a month. When my parents got to know my whereabouts, they sent for me. I went back home but had to return to Kaneshie to struggle to fend for myself. I went to Kaneshie with my textbooks, to look for work.  I sold all my books at Chorkor but the money I got did to take me anywhere.

I went back to Solomon to sell Fan Milk Products again. Unfortunately, some vendors had bolted away with his money, so his business had gone down. I left Solomon to work with George Tabiri. I had to give him my mobile phone as collateral before he could allow me to work with him. All this while, close to about 4 months, I was sleeping in front of Solomon’s shop. On one fateful night thieves took away all I had, including my money and clothes - everything apart from what I was wearing. I had to wear the same clothes for close to two months. George Tabiri offered to rent a kiosk to accommodate all the vendors. Thank God I have now rented my own room with my wife and our son.
I have benefited a lot from being a Fan Milk vendor, and I have received two ‘best worker’ awards. If not for Fan Milk, I would not have been able to complete even JHS, not to talk about SHS. The Fan Milk vendor business is good and it has helped me. It is not ‘dirty work’ as most people think.

I encourage all young people who feel the need to raise money to settle in life to turn to Fan Milk, and they will make it in no time. It is a good avenue to get clean money and live peacefully. When I started the business, I purposed in my heart to make a living out of nothing, and that has really helped me to survive.

Fan Milk vendors have to portray to the whole world that this is really an honorable venture. I would encourage all vendors to present themselves well (in their dressing, customer relations, etc.) so as to attract the needed respect from customers.

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